Mags Shivanda started DigitalShero Media with a dream; a dream of building something unique and profound crafted to reflect her selves. Armed with infinite ideas, only a handful of skills, and an unyielding drive to survive, she charted her own path, failing forward over and again to articulate or define her purpose and value to the world. Six years later, DigitalShero Media has grown exponentially, left, right, and sideways, repeatedly challenging everyone to rethink and reimagine what is possible. Along with its Tribe, a dream is evolving with the ever-changing world around us. And for a long time, this uncertainty and excitement (maybe fear) fuelled our insatiable appetite to create and innovate. Our “shooting my shot” mentality translated into a fearlessness, a confidence to tackle any obstacle in our way. But something was missing, some ethereal void keeping us from feeling whole.

We have been fortunate enough to expand as we were fortunate to have more opportunities to tackle business challenges and help companies grow. As rigorous as vetting a potential son-in-law, we carefully and consciously welcome more members into our SheroTribe, each bringing a uniqueness that amplified our cumulative flame. Like a line you can only see once you have passed it, our dream was our reality, and our Shero Tribe is growing. The dream, at that point, evolved into creating a vivacious company culture that sustained and thrived outside the confines of the original members. As we quickly learned, not only is that dream a possibility but a natural by-product of uniting the right people with shared values. These values, Individuality, Mastery, Agility, and Connection continuously tighten the bonds between us and weave the evolving fabric that is DigitalShero Media.

Today, we cherish the ability to learn on one another and celebrate our culture of values. We operate under the premise that we are a company of its people. Our diversity of strengths, talents, and passions elevates our collective whole. We support, inspire, and care for each other because our relationships give us meaning and connect us to our work.

We see potential everywhere: in each other, in ourselves, and in the businesses we serve.

We chase the potential of tomorrow together, embrace the uncomfortable, operate with humility, and trust our values to guide us forward. Our new brand symbolizes all of that for us.

We have been unmistakably fortunate to live our dream and privileged to help others live theirs. Lastly, I want to say thank you to every Shero Tribe member past, present, and future; you are the reason DigitalShero has become what it is and what it will be. Let us keep dreaming.

The Beginning.



Author | Wendy Mabandla PR & Communications


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