Mags Shivanda
Founding Director

Diploma in Marketing and advertising: Central university of Technology
• Certificate in strategic planning Marketing Management: University of South Africa
• Certificate in Digital Strategy in Building Brands Digital Strategy: VEGA School of Advertising
• 13 Years experience in Media
• 13 years experience in Account Management
• Media Strategist at DigitalShero
• 10 Years Leadership experience in multiple entities
• 10 Years Media Operations & Management
• Extensive experience in Operations
• Business Development
• Client Service Management
• Analytical and Data Driven
• Strategic marketing, business development and extensive in non-profit sector

Mags Shivanda. An astute Founding Director and Innovative publisher. Over 13 years’ experience in Digital Media Marketing. Founder and MD of DigitalShero Media Group: DigitalShero is a 100% Black Female owned #ADTECH media and digital marketing company. Also Founder and Cheerleader of BloemGirlsRock Foundation – NPO. Mags Shivanda’s career started in 2007 when she became an intern in one of the biggest media houses in South Africa. She founded DigitalShero in 2015.

In 2019 she was sent by Investec with 13 other young media owners to Bangalore in India, for their Network Global program. And now she is an aspiring Angel Investor who has invested in one of the emerging e-commerce companies in south Africa. Her dream is to inspire and show young girls from anywhere in Africa, that female leaders do exist, they do things differently. Female leaders all over the world are very futuristic and every young girl must never ever doubt your uniqueness.