Adrian Coetzer

• National Diploma/N6 :
JHB College
of Art
• 10 years experience in creative arts
• 10 years experience in Design & Conceptualization the Internet & Multimedia Production
• 10 years experience in Creative consulting
• 10 years experience in Design
• 10 years experience in Social Media Marketing and Design
• 10 years experience in Digital Design & Content Creation
• 10 years experience in Logo Design
• 2 Times Loerie winner for Digital Media – UI/UX & TV Campaign

After studying graphic design Adrian started his career in design at a Below-the-Line agency where over a 4-year period he worked on clients like Coke, BMW, IBM and Plascon. Adrian followed his passion for multimedia then moved to a Digital agency which at the time had a handful of companies that did web design. A lot of the work was explorative and experimental as there was no reference to this genre of design. He worked in a team that designed and developed the first round of websites for large corporates.

After becoming the Digital Creative Director for Discovery Health, Adrian went to Washington DC to help set up their sister company Destiny Health’s online presence. Upon Adrian’s return he relocated to Cape Town, where he spends some time lecturing creative and digital design as well as Art Direction. Part of his passion is skills development and passing on the bit of creative knowledge he has to the next generation of creatives. What Adrian appreciates about the digital arena is that it is fluid. It is an ever-evolving environment which keeps one on their toes and always excited to either predict or discover the next best ‘thing’ magazine.